Tissue Box – Stencil Spackling Technique

Natural Flourish Art Stencil Tissue Box Tutorial

This decorative tissue box is easier than it looks, just a few simple steps from basic to beautiful!


  • Layers of Color Natural Flourish art stencil
  • Acrylic craft or house paint (tan and dark brown)
  • Paint brush
  • Spackling Paste (hardware store)
  • Flat wide knife for spreading (spackling, cheese spreader, or cake icing knife – or an old credit card)
  • Firm sided tissue box

I used a wooden tissue box. It would work just as well on a firm cardboard, or plastic box. You could recycle one or find one at a thrift shop. If it has a shiny surface, just rough it up with sand paper so it accepts the paint well.

Paint the entire box with 1 – 2 coats of tan colored acrylic paint. Let dry.

You’ll need Spackling Paste, Natural Flourish art stencil and a spreading tool, (cake icing knife shown).

Put the tissue box on it’s side so that the surface you’re working on is horizontal. Lay the stencil on the tissue box. Spread the Spackling Paste evenly over the stencil. You can spread it very thin for a slightly raised effect, or very thick for a heavy raised effect. A thin layer tends to make a more crisp design, thicker is more rough and will take a little longer to dry. My example has an uneven layer with thick and thin areas.

Immediately after spreading the paste, (before it dries), gently and slowly lift off the stencil.

The remaining design can be touched up with a toothpick if desired. If it doesn’t turn out well, you can quickly wipe it all off with a paper towel, clean off the stencil, and re-spread the paste. Let this dry for the amount of time listed on the Spackling Paste container. Clean off stencil with water before paste dries.

Since this project has five sides to decorate (and it’s too hard to work vertically), I had to paste three sides then let it dry. Very gently lay it down on the dry paste side so you don’t chip the design.

Add another coat of tan colored paint. Let dry.

To add an aged antique look, mix dark brown colored acrylic paint with water. I used a raisin-sized dollop of paint to 2 Tablespoons of water, mix together. Paint this on the entire surface with a paint brush, one side at a time, keeping it heavy in the crevices. You can use any color paint on the tissue box to go with your decor, but always use dark brown to achieve this antique look.

While it still wet, wipe away some of the paint with a paper towel. Let dry.

Maybe this pretty tissue box will cheer you up next time you have a cold!

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Laura I love this technique and had so much fun playing with it myself! Your natural flourish is so pretty done this way!!! Great tutorial too!

Wow, Laura, this is fantastic. It looks so expensive!! Like marble!

Wow! That turned out beautiful–I love it!

WOW, this is gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing this technique with the tutorial!

Oh, that’s just beautiful! I really love this technique!!!

This is gorgeous!!!

This is wonderful, what versatility your stencils have! The tutorial is great!

Another cool project! I just came from Grace’s blog with her wall deco tutorial. The stencils are so versatile!

Wow!!! This is just beautiful!!!

Hi Laura – this is amazing – sorry it has taken me so long to get here – there is so much to see on the DT Blogs I got distracted! LOL! This is DIVINE! I love the technique – thank you for the tutorial – it makes it look so easy!! I love the aging effect – thank you for that Laura! I am inspired – you are so amazing Laura – thanks for sharing with us! {{{hugs}}}

Jeeze, what a great tutorial. this tissue paper box is so ritzy looking. It could go in the best of homes anywhere for the impromptu sniffle. I love this idea. Does anybody see this as a wonderful gift for a house warming??? The possibilities!!!

This is beautiful and a very well done tutorial. I will be giving one as a Christmas gift. Thank you for the instructions. God bless!

I just found your website.Love your projects.